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Sleep Underground: Offering a Wealth of Sleep Tips and Reviews to Help You Beat Insomnia

Many of us eagerly await summer every year, welcoming the return of longer, sunnier days after a long, dark winter. However, summer can bring its own issues. The long, warm days can be great for our social lives and mental health, but they can also seriously mess with our sleep patterns.

Sleep Underground is a website devoted to helping you get a great night’s sleep – in summer and at any other time of the year. This curated resource contains information on all things related to sleep, including helpful sleep guides on different sleep subjects and unbiased reviews of the latest products designed to boost the quality of your sleep.

Summer insomnia

Summer insomnia is a very real phenomenon – one that can seriously impact our health and lives. The season can bring about many factors that affect sleep patterns, including:

  • Lighter, longer days
    • Melatonin, the hormone that makes us tired when it gets dark, is regulated by sunlight. As the days lengthen, our natural sleep patterns are delayed
    • People tend to feel more energetic and stay up later during summer months to take advantage of the longer daylight hours
  • More heat
    • It’s harder to sleep on hot nights because when your body is getting ready to sleep, its temperature decreases
  • More noise
    • The dawn chorus can disrupt sleep during spring and summer months as birds migrate and mate and fledgelings hatch
    • Traffic noise as people set off in early hours of the morning on summer holidays can stop you getting much-needed rest

Difficulty in sleeping, if prolonged over a long period of time, runs our batteries down and can have a range of negative consequences on your body (such as lower concentration, impaired memory, slower reaction times, increased pain sensitivity, and poorer cognition).

Sleep better

Sleep Underground offers a treasure trove of handy tips as well as unbiased reviews on the very latest sleep products, allowing you to reset your sleeping patterns.

It’s vital to create a dark sleeping environment in the bedroom, especially during long summer days, and Sleep Underground helps you to achieve this by compiling a list of the 5 best sleep masks suitable even for side sleepers on its website. Other methods involve installing blackout blinds and not having TV or mobile screens on in the bedroom.

To beat the heat, it’s important to try to maintain a cool temperature in your bedroom. You can do this in a variety of ways, from turning on air conditioning to installing a specialty bed cooling system (Sleep Underground has a review called the ‘Best Bed Cooling System of 2021’ which may help!)

Finally, Sleep Underground has reviewed the ‘Best Noise Cancelling Headphones for Sleeping 2021’, which may help you block out some of the unwanted noises and help you get some sleep.

To read these reviews and more, head to the website today and regain control over your sleep cycle.

More information

To find out more, please visit: www.sleepunderground.com. For inquiries, please email contact@sleepunderground.com.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/sleep-underground-offering-a-wealth-of-sleep-tips-and-reviews-to-help-you-beat-insomnia/

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