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Paraquat Lawsuit Case Tracker Launched By Wagner Reese On ParaquatAttorneys.com

Wagner Reese LLP, a personal injury law firm with offices in Indiana and Illinois, is pleased to announce the launch of its Paraquat lawsuit case tracker, which is available on paraquatattorneys.com.

The case tracker is a resource for anyone who has an interest in the pending Paraquat litigation. The tracker is updated regularly with summaries of the latest cases filed by plaintiffs against Syngenta and the manufacturers of Paraquat, or products that contain Paraquat.

“We are happy to launch this new case tracker so that people can see what is going on. Our team reviews each complaint they find on the docket, identifies where it is filed, who is being sued, what the allegations are, and what injuries were suffered. Once we have the information, we provide the summary post to our case tracker”, stated Jason Reese, a partner of Wagner Reese LLP.

The Paraquat lawsuits summarized contain allegations by the plaintiffs that exposure to the chemical herbicide caused the plaintiff to develop Parkinson’s disease or end-stage renal failure. Each case summary contains a link to the original time-stamped complaint filed on the docket.

Steve Wagner, a partner at Wagner Reese LLP added: “Our firm is looking forward to representing hard-working men and women who, through no fault of their own, are now suffering the consequences of exposure to this dangerous chemical herbicide.”

Paraquat is a poisonous compound that is commonly used as an herbicide (plant killer) to combat weeds and grasses in no-till farming. The US Environmental Protection Agency classified Paraquat as a “restricted-use” substance, which means that it can be only used by licensed applicators.

The Paraquat lawsuit case tracker can be accessed here: paraquatattorneys.com/parkinsons-lawsuit-case-tracker.

Wagner Reese LLP represents individuals and families in complex mass tort and personal injury litigation and is accepting new clients to represent in the paraquat litigation through the paraquatclaimscenter.com.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/paraquat-lawsuit-case-tracker-launched-by-wagner-reese-on-paraquatattorneys-com/

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