FuseNews Mission Statement
The Fuse News team has a community shaping focus on creating valuable, accessible and unbiased information on the art of kiln forming glass.

Breaking down the Mission Statement

This isn't about an individual artist, designer or writer. This isn't about Gil or Carmen Reynolds or promoting the special interests of any one company. It is about a group of talented individuals collaborating and working together to produce the best information-based web site possible.

Community Shaping:
All of us benefit from being part of a healthy growing glass community. Our goal is to help shape the direction of the kiln formed glass movement by encouraging exploration, experimentation and innovation shared openly, clearly and accurately.

Valuable, Accessible and Unbiased
Although all three of these attributes are somewhat subjective, keeping them paramount in our minds helps us focus on a site that truly serves the community. There is often more than one way to achieve a particular result. Entertaining multiple approaches and accepting that each of us may have a different personal experience is a healthy part of community interaction.

Kiln Forming Glass
There are several different ways to manipulate glass in its molten state and there are many sources of information on those various techniques. Kiln forming glass has it's own methodology and it is the focus of the FuseNews site.

Who Is Fuse News?
If you are reading this, there is a high probability that you are already part of the kiln formed glass community. Gil Reynolds has brought together a group of people to get the ball rolling but it is your involvement will allow FuseNews to grow. How this site evolves will depend upon the vision and determination of those that step up to this challenge.

The reality is that enthusiasm and talent also need to be supported financially. This site has paid ads for suppliers, manufactures and other commercial resources. These companies are encouraged to provide information on how to use their products. We will also promote products, services and events that we feel are of value to the kiln formed glass community.

What You Can Do
There are several ways that you can help FuseNews:
Spread the Word - The easiest thing to do is to spread the word to others that are fusing glass. If there are aspects of the site that you like and feel are of value, let them know about us. If there are things that you do not like about the site, let us know. Your feedback is essential to the sites success. You can reach us with your problems at Feedback@fusenews.net.

Send us Ideas - As a community driven site, you know what information is needed. There are definite gaps to be filled and you can help by pointing those out to us. Send those ideas to Ideas@fusenews.net.

Help build the FAQ - There are different levels of questions about fusing and the most basic ones fall into the FAQ category. Send us your solutions to common problems and we will post those that we feel will be of the most value to our readers. Please do not plagiarize the works of others. Respect copyrights. Use your own ideas. We will give credit to those that we use but please remember that many of you may send very similar responses and we will only pick one. Send your FAQ questions and answers to FAQ@fusenews.net.

Submit Articles
We are looking for articles to post on FuseNews.net. They should be between 1200 - 2000 words in length and need to be accompanied by 300 DPI photos. We are looking for information that is of value to the community as opposed to those that are totally self serving. It is alright to promote yourself and what you have accomplished if you are willing to share your process. We cannot use articles that hold back critical parts of a process. Trade secret may have their place but in an article intended to instruct would only cause our readers frustration and grief.

Be leary of taking credit for a "NEW" technique, you would be surprised at how much has already been discovered over the last 3000 years. What you may have done is figure out a new and valuable variation that could be of great interest. We will pay for articles that we choose to use.

If you have an article idea, it is best to submit a two paragraph overview along with a couple of supporting photos before you write the entire article. If we feel that we can use the article, we will then ask you to submit the completed work. You will also be asked to give us the right to edit and publish your article. If you are uncomfortable with someone else editing your work, then this may not be the best venue for you. Submit article ideas to Articles@fusenews.net or Click Here.

Thank You
Thanks for joining us at FuseNews.net. We look forward to a positive growing relationship.