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Air Quality Express LLC Now Offers Mold Remediation License

Mold and other allergens can grow in ducts and air conditioning systems, even if you don’t see them. The company has a mold remediation license, and most air duct cleaning companies do not. 90% of HVAC systems have mold, and if a non-licensed company cleans it, they can spray mold all over the house. As an additional service, Air Quality Express also offers Dryer Vent Cleaning Houston. They will remove any lint buildup in your vents to prevent fires caused by the buildup of lint burning at high temperatures.

In one appointment, your Air Quality Express tech will clean your ductwork by first running a camera through all of the vents to see what might be inside. Then he will turn off the power and use a powerful vacuum to remove all debris from outside and ensure that there is no chance that it can come back into the house after being cleaned. When the tech has finished his cleaning, he will test for proper airflow on each register.

Air Quality Express LLC offers high-efficiency MERV 8 filters, the highest rating available in residential filters. They will also help you choose the right type of filter to ensure that you are comfortable with your HVAC system’s filtration ability. You can get Air Duct Cleaning Houston, TX, and furnace inspection or maintenance service plans that fit into your budget for a low cost per month.

They also offer an indoor air quality test that will check for mold, bacteria, and other harmful pollutants in your home or business. The technician who comes out to do the testing can answer any questions you may have and give you a quote on any items that need to be fixed right away.

You can also schedule Houston Mold Inspection every year to see any signs that mold growth may be a problem in your home or business.

Air Quality Express LLC is ready to handle any problem that may come up with your heating and cooling system. If they cannot fix it over the phone, they will dispatch a tech immediately to take care of whatever problems arise. All work comes with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, and all technicians carry enough parts on their trucks for most repairs so that downtime is minimized as much as possible.


More Information

Air Quality Express LLC is a licensed mold remediation company that specializes in the removal of toxic molds. The company has been serving clients for more than ten years and has a professional treatment team to clean up any mold problem, from superficial water damage to large-scale commercial jobs. Along with being certified by the National Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as an environmental cleaning organization, they also have a license for removing toxic molds, which most Air Duct Cleaning Houston companies do not have. In addition, Air Quality Express has developed unique techniques to remove mold from HVAC systems without spraying it everywhere else in your home or office space. They are confident that you will be satisfied with their service and will not experience any additional mold issues or allergies after their job is complete.

You can call them at (832) 937-7692 and visit their website at https://www.airqualitytech.com/

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/air-quality-express-llc-now-offers-mold-remediation-license/

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